Adapdix provides edge computing technology that leverages AI/ML for enterprises.
Founded by Anthony Hill
Afriex uses stable coins to offer affordable remittance service to over 30 countries.
Founded by Tope Alabi, Obirije John
AllHere is an attendance intervention management platform for K-12 schools and districts.
Founded by Joanna Smith
Arcus is helping every business make fintech accessible for every consumer.
Founded by Edrizio De La Cruz
Atomic offers an API that lets companies embed investment accounts into their services.
Founded by David Dindi
Blissway offers tolling-as-service, providing a full suite of tools.
Founded by Felipe Kettlun, Francisco Torrealba
CapWay is creating opportunities for everyone, filling in gaps overlooked by traditional banking.
Founded by Sheena Allen
Career Karma helps users explore different career paths in technology.
Founded by Ruben Harris, Artur Meyster, Tim Meyster
Clay is a real time collaborative, web-based review tool for 3D models.
Founded by Phillippe Siclait, Sebastien Siclait
Cheqout is a mobile ordering & payments solution for Brick & Mortars.
Founded by David Rincon-Cruz, Jamie Sunderland
Cloverly is a clean-tech startup creating a sustainability-as-a-service platform.
Founded by Anthony Oni
Daybreak Health is a modern mental health center built for teens.
Founded by Alex Alvarado, Luke Mercado
Debrief helps teams communicate with recorded video instead of Zoom calls or Emails.
Founded by Nicolas Salhuana, Ned Rockson
DNABlock is a 3D Animation Platform for Non-Animators.
Founded by Anthony Kelani
Drift is a software and AI solution that allows sales and marketing teams to engage website visitors in real time.
Founded by David Cancel, Elias Torres
Eight Sleep is the world's first sleep fitness brand to fuel human potential through optimal sleep.
Founded by Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Alexandra Zatarain
Epihub offers educators an all-in-one platform for scheduling, billing, and teaching online.
Founded by Kwasi Oppong-Badu
Eqtble makes it easy for companies to gain insights from their HR data.
Founded by Joseph Ifiegbu, Gabe Horwitz, Ethan Veres
FlutterFlow is the first ever visual editor for Flutter.
Founded by Abel Mengistu, Alex Greaves
Gather is software that helps high-growth teams build and execute people operations programs.
Founded by Brooks Sime
Greenwood is a digital mobile banking platform made for Black & Latino customers.
Founded by Killer Mike, Andrew Young, Ryan Glover
HealNow is an online payments and on-boarding company for pharmacies.
Founded by Halston Prox, Joshua Smith
Heru is a medical device company using cloud software and third-party AR devices to conduct glaucoma testing.
Founded by Mohamed Abou Shousha MD, PhD
Lendtable gives cash advances to help individuals get their employer 401(k) match.
Founded by Sheridan Clayborne, Mitchell Jones
Logica is the provider of visual, collaborative financial modeling software.
Founded by Carissa Castro, Leandro Castro
Lula is the provider of an Insurance API for platforms that can add full coverage within minutes.
Founded by Michael Vega-Sanz, Matthew Vega-Sanz
Lumu is a cybersecurity company that identifies threats and attacks that affect enterprises worldwide.
Founded by Ricardo Villadiego
Marketbase is a specialized CRM for eCommerce marketplaces.
Founded by Carlos Rodriguez-Rosario, Jordan Isip
Mayvenn enables stylists to sell products directly to their clients without upfront costs.
Founded by Diishan Imira, Taylor Wang
Nestybox enables containers to run the same workloads as virtual machines.
Founded by Cesar Talledo, Rodny Molina
Opya transforms autism care by successfully connecting treatment with technology.
Founded by Jonathan Wright
B2B payment network and AR automation software solution.
Founded by Jeremy Almond, Scott Campbell
Perch allows users to build credit scores using non-traditional data points.
Founded by Michael Broughton
Ping Pong is a video messaging app for remote teams in multiple time zones.
Founded by Enaho Murphy, Jeff Whitlock
PlayVS is the official scholastic high school and college esports league.
Founded by Delane Parnell
Praxis Labs leverages mixed reality to increase D&I for organizations.
Founded by Elise Smith, Heather Shen
Process Labs helps Measure and optimize ROI of engineering teams.
Founded by Pablo Ferrari
Pyroscope is an open source continuous profiling platform.
Founded by Ryan Perry
QuikNode is a blockchain infrastructure company for Web3 applications.
Founded by Auston Bunsen
Resilia provides scaling tools for nonprofit organizations and grantors (Foundations, Corporations, and Governments).
Founded by Sevetri Wilson
Seer helps retail salespeople create and send personalized shoppable lookbooks to their customers via email and sms.
Founded by Christina Czap, Felipe Saint-Jean
Squire is a comprehensive technology platform built for barbershop owners.
Founded by Dave Salvant, Songe LaRon
Toolbox is an on-demand labor marketplace for skilled construction workers.
Founded by Wil Eyi
Valence is on a mission to unlock the combined global power of Black professionals.
Founded by Kobie Fuller
Vitable is building a new health plan for everyday people, starting with primary and urgent care coverage.
Founded by Joseph Kitonga
Financial services platform made to serve the unbanked / under-banked U.S. Hispanic immigrant community.
Founded by Amir Hemmat, Raul Lomeli
Zoe Financial is a marketplace that connects people with the top 5% of independent financial advisors.
Founded by Andres Garcia Amaya